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Rates & Insurance

Initial Evaluation:  $250
  • 60-90 minutes
  • complete medical history
  • assessment of current symptoms and context
  • education on potential diagnoses, relevant medications & alternative treatment options
  • information regarding potential benefits, risks, side effects, interactions of medication options
  • collaborative, patient-centered treatment plan design 


 Ongoing Medication Management Sessions:

Simple: 20-25 minutes, 1 medication - $125

Complex: 30-45 minute, 1+ medications, dose adjustment, medication change, insurance issues - $150

  • can be scheduled monthly through bi-annually, depending on phase and length of treatment, response to medication, current issues, and patient preference
  • objective assessment of benefits, side effects
  • assessment & discussion of subjective response:  how do you feel the medication is working?  are the benefits worth any potential side effects? are there problems around cost, accessibility or other issues?   what are your options if you are unsatisfied?
  • discussion of any complementary therapies  (talk therapy, light-box therapy, self-management strategies, mindfulness/meditation, acupuncture, etc.) 
  • joint treatment planning: we discuss & come to a mutual agreement on next steps
  • futher education as needed
  • refills as appropriate

Monthly Med-monitoring Meetings: $200/session

  • 55 minute sessions on a monthly basis
  • for treatment plans that include closer monitoring:  ADHD medications, medications that require bloodwork, etc.
  • optimal for people already in weekly psychotherapy with a therapist
  • more frequent meetings are appropriate for people starting a new medication or tapering off medication


Weekly/biweekly Psychotherapy + Medication Management:  $200-$250/session

·      55 minute sessions

·      Solution-focused, individualized approach that may include or combine cognitive-behavioral therapy, interpersonal and supportive psychotherapy, dialectical behavior therapy

·      No set structure to sessions: varying focus will be placed on meds vs psychotherapy, depending on the phase of treatment, current condition, & patient preference

·      Available on a limited, case-by-case basis; fee is based on complexity of medication regimen



At this time, I accept Anthem Blue Cross insurance and Medicare.  I am considered an "out-of-network" provider for most PPO policies, and can provide you with a receipt to submit for reimbursement; I recommend checking with your individual plan.


 form on this site for more information or to schedule a consultation.ContactPlease call (510) 599-9421 or complete the