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Privacy & Policies



Seeing a psychiatric provider is a sensitive issue that people can be understandably concerned or wary about.  I assure you that what is said in our sessions, and the treatment plan we design together, will be kept completely confidential.  The only situations in which I am required to release information without your explicit permission are emergencies, like: if you are at risk of harming yourself, if you are at risk of hurting someone else or have named someone you're planning to hurt, or if a child or elderly person is being abused. Otherwise, no one - not your family, your primary care or other provider, your employer, your insurance company - no one will be given any information about our sessions, including whether or not I even see you as a patient - unless you give me permission.

If you will be billing your insurance company for reimbursement, I may be asked to provide the insurer some information - usually a diagnosis code and how long our sessions last - but only if you request that I do this.  I will not provide information to anyone without you first signing a document granting me permission to do so.



Policy on Prescribing Controlled Substances

Please note that I do not prescribe benzodiazepines (clonazepam/klonopin, lorazepam/ativan, alprazolam/xanax, etc.) for the first 3 months of treatment.  At minimum, a well-documented (medical records, pharmacy list, medication bottle) history of safely taking prescribed benzodiazepines, a release of information allowing me to consult with previous providers, and a clean record on the California Controlled Substance Utilization Record database is required before I consider including a benzodiazepine in your treatment plan, and even then, there is no guarantee.  

I do not prescribe opiate analgesics/painkillers.

Cancellations and Other Scheduling Policies

  • 24 hour advance notice of cancellation is required or full fee will be charged.
  • I can be very flexible with scheduling, rescheduling, etc. -- but good communication is essential!
  • Email communication is available for scheduling purposes only.
  • I do not offer phone sessions.
  • For refills: generally I provide established patients who are stable on their medication regimen with prescriptions for 90 days (or more).  Those patients who are in early or transitional phases of their treatment plan should expect to have office visits at least monthly until we mutually decide that your medication regimen is set.  Patient requests for medication refills cannot be approved by phone.

Please call (510) 599-9421 or complete the Contact form on this site for more information or to schedule a consultation.